Our affiliates

As an industry leader, Plomberie Brière has to swiftly respond to the demands and challenges of the sectors in which it hopes to maintain its competitive edge. This is why the company recently acquired two companies - Gaz Tech PB and Inox-San – which are now Plomberie Brière’s full-fledged affiliates.
GazTech/Gaz Métro

About Gaz Tech PB

Gaz Tech PB provides round-the-clock service to respond to your industrial and commercial sector needs. This division specializes in heating maintenance and replacing heating systems, and provides technical support for heating controls.

Tel. : 579-488-6569


About Inox-San

Inox-San is a division of Plomberie Brière Inc. specializing in sanitary welding, high-pressure welding, stainless steel equipment manufacturing and orbital welding.